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Illinois based singer/songer Jill Dawson scores Hit with 1st Release!!.....

A couple of months ago, I was directed to Jill Dawson website from the Indie Link Exchange and was hooked on her sound from that moment on. I listened to a track from the then unrelease First Time Around. The track was an acoustic based ballad named “Build and Destroy” which caught my ear from the first chord struck. To me the song basically captured everything that occurs in a relationship...good or bad.

I received the album from Jill and needless to say was not disappointed in the remainder of the album. Talk To Me starts you off at first haunting and gritty then at times shifts to a driven, and edgy lament. Jill displays versatility and also displays her influences throughout the track.
I’d also like to comment on the production of the album at this point. You can feel the quality, effort and talent combined from the get go on the very first track. One of my favorites is actually the 2nd track on the album ”She”. I’d love to see Jill perform this live because I can only
imagine the range and feeling this song brings about in a live performance. It’s a slow, heartfelt song that pulls you into melody causing you to never want to let go.
”Least Likely carries the same effect and poise. Simply a beautiful acoustic arrangement. The album also carries soulful and funky grooves in Better Be.
Perfect Time reminded me of a Cowboy Junkies melodic tempo with as equally affecting vocal stylings.

Here’s an interesting footnote to Jill Dawson’s review, she was inspired to follow her dream of music after watching an episode of Oprah
in which people described how they followed their dreams and took charge of their destiny. Jill Dawson is an example to all indie artists to follow their dreams and their heart.
Exceptional work on your first effort Jill and we all stand to give you a standing ovation......Take a bow, your going places!!

Mark Cunningham
Grass Roots Entertainment

Album info for "First Time Around":

1-Talk to Me
3-I Try and Try
4-Least Likely
5-Better Be
6-Perfect Time
7-Build and Destroy
8-Miss Perfect
9-In The Meantime
10-When I'm Gone

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