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Mellow sounds, jazz flavors and rythmic nuances flow from Lady Jís new release, Music for the

X-it Rite Records
This album contains a smooth jazz feel and melodic trimmings throughout and is finely accentuated with sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting lyrics.
This newest release from L.A. based Lady J has become a hot item at radio stations throughout the country. Itís found itís way to over 1,000 playlists and for very good reasons. Lady J has combined a mesmerizing mix of spoken word and lyrics along with thoughtful work on the keyboards and acoustic instruments. The first track on the album, The Need, demonstrates this with a spanish style solo very well placed in the middle. Take This Chance follows up the first 2 tracks as an uplifting love song placed in a contemporary melody. I really liked the jazz tempo and styling of Superstar andImages of You is another haunting, thoughtful tune that is performed with a piano and Lady J singing. I was particularly interested in this track because it really captured the artists talent and sounded as if it truly came from her heart.
Iíll give a sound applause to Lady J for the feeling put into Music for the Soul and look forward to hearing more from the west coast.

Mark Cunningham
Grass Roots Entertainment

Music for the Soul

1- The Need
2- Civil War
3- Take This Chance
4- Superstar
5- Some Day
6- Planets Rockin'
7- Images of You
8- I know
9- Way I feel
10- Believe
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