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Here comes an album that will takes you back Old School......

......Mickey Clean and The Mezz's latest effort successfully stated the message that not only is punk not dead, but actually alive and
well!! The album "Unsung Heros" is a hard driving, ass-kicking album in the same way The New York Dolls, The
Replacements and X
gave this generation it's anthem.
Clean was the American delegation of the pioneers in punk rock and was actually starting his adventure in the new
punk movemnet before The Sex Pistols ever came on the scene.
I was gratified that this CD found it's way into my hands for the tunes penned by Mickey Clean and performed by The Mezz have established
themselves in my book as a signal that OUR music is making its way back into the mainstream!
The genuine essence of the songs from "Unsung Heros" comes from the blues/country/rock influences that molded
Mickey's stylings. Howlin' Wolf, Hendrix, Robert Crumb and Hank Williams are listed as influences on the back of
the album and it's very easy to hear that in the tracks such as "Voodoo", "My Baby Left Me", and "Billy Boy Blues".

"Hillside Walking" jumps out at you from the very beginning with a smoking pedal steel intro and the tune also
reminded me of early Talking Heads rythms but with so much more thanks to the pedal steel. "Fine Fine Woman"
rolls up on you and grabs your attention as the second track on the album with a hard driving rock-a-billy rift. The
song that I really enjoyed on the album was "Waitress in the Sky", a lament to an airline stewardess...excuse me,
Flight Attendant (my sister would beat me about the head if I called her a stewardess)...It puts to shame any country
drivel that's heaped upon all the worker drones in society today. The last song on the album is a melodic, thoughtful
track called "Love Song" that also grabbed me and recieved much play.
Unsung Heros was produced and released by Asa Brebner under the Asa Records label which means that the album
was a product of 2 fine, veteran artists on the music scene. Mickey Clean's latest effort is due a heaping of praise
and accolades because there was nothing that fell short in it's creation!

Mark Cunningham
Grass Roots Entertainment

"Unsung Heros" album info

1-Hillside Walking
2-Fine Fine Woman
4-Never Been Away From Home
6-Waitress in the Sky
7-Fashion Model
8-My Baby Left Me
9-Learn to Swim
10-Keys to the Car
11-My Girl
12-Billy Boy Blues
13-Sad But True
14-Love Song

Order your copy from Asa Records!

Asa Records
3 Orchard Street
Cambridge, MA 02140