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It doesn't happen often that I sit down with a new release and am truly held captive for the next hour............

....but with Asa Brebner's new release, "I Walk The Streets", I found myself captivated by the edgy sound and bold statement this album made. This is truly the album and sound I've been looking for since Steve Earle's "Train a Comin'" several years ago.
The entire album takes you on a journey that at times is remeniscent of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground and the homegrown stylings of Woody Guthrie and Jerry Jeff Walker. Brebner's latest effort was superbly produced and combines a wide variety of instruments, sounds and spoken word throughout.
I had also come to the conclusion after listening to the album for the 5th time that Brebner was able to capture a unique sound that today's artists have shrugged off and left behind. The album easily makes the transition between different genres of music (punk, rock, alternative,country) and Brebner as an artist exudes confidence and style in deliverance. If you're looking for a gritty, hard-edged sound then you've found your album.
The album also was able to capture the sounds and raw style that we longed for and inevitably lost somewhere along the way with groups such as R.E.M., Chickasaw Mudpuppies, Uncle Tupelo and Guadacanal Diary. "Thru With Girls" and "Mr. Hide" are fine examples of what I'm talking about.
I was really getting into picking out the banjo, mandolin, vox and enjoying the mixing of the vocals Brebner flowed into his music. There's a spoken word track before "Don't Ever Lose a Memory" in which the artist is holding a conversation with an elderly lady that is introspective and provoking as well. The song caputures the soul that Asa penned it with by a retrospective of childhood, young love and hardship. Simply beautiful work all the way around.
Sometimes we lose focus when creating music and also lose site on why we're making an album. Asa Brebner did not spare anything with "I Walk The Streets" and it seems made the entire album with a soul I hope more artists can capture in future efforts. It will be a very long time before this album leaves my cd player! I'll have to give 3 thumbs up to Asa Brebner's new release and wait in earnest for the next project. If you couldn't tell by now, I'm really fired up about this kick-ass album!! Check out a bit of Asa's history by going to and learn all you can about this pioneer of punk. Brebner also produced Mickey Clean and The Mezz's album "Unsung Heros"
Do yourself a favor and add "I Walk The Streets" to your collection!

Mark Cunningham
Grass Roots Entertainment

  "I Walk The Streets" was just the album to do it...
1- I Walk The Streets
2- Unhappy Birthday Girl
3- No Good For Anything But Love
4- Going Home
5- Love Only Makes The World Go Around
6- Don't Ever Lose A Memory
7- Thru With Girls
8- Sunshine Blue Skies
9- Jacks On Drugs
10-I'm Not Going To Work Today
11- Turn The Pages Back
12- At Least Nobody Else Has Our Memories
13- Mr. Hide

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