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Asa Brebner-"I Walk The Streets...Sometimes we lose focus when creating music and also lose site on why we're making an album. Asa Brebner did not spare anything with "I Walk The Streets" and it seems made the entire album with a soul I hope more artists can capture in future efforts. It will be a very long time before this album leaves my cd player! I'll have to give 3 thumbs up to Asa Brebner's new release and wait in earnest for the next project. Check out the entire review by clicking "Asa Brebner" in the left column.

Whiskeytown....This band from Raleigh, NC has a GREAT sound! The album Faithless Street is mesmerizing and not for the weak of heart! At some points the tunes will take you for a journey with their haunting melody and then jerk you back by really ripping it with a rocking honky tonk anthem. I hate to catagorize music so I'll just say if you like your alternative, country and punk blended together VERY WELL, then check out these guys!

Lucinda Williams..Her album "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is an Alt-favorite of many artists. Lucinda captures America in its purest element through fine story telling through song. The album came out in 1999 and was her first in five years. This album truly proved all good things come to those who wait!

Return of the Grievous Angel- A tribute to Gram Parsons....One word. Wow! This could easily be the best album that I have purchased all year. It contains various artists from the alternative scene and also the sweetest voice in music, Emmylou Harris. She really started out with Gram and was instrumental in putting this project together. If you buy this one, you've got to get the original GP/Grievous Angel album. Trust me, this you will treasure!

Otis Redding-Greatest Hits..Can anyone really have a collection of CD's without one of true soul men to represent? This album truly tears out your heart and stomps it flat. I guarantee that it will give you chills.

Wilco..My favorite band. Period. Check out Wilco A.M. and Being There. Being There is the best studio album in the last 20 years in my book. It will remind you of the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds and The Beatles Sgt. Pepper. Yes! It's that good!

Josh Joplin... Projector Head, Boxing Nostalgic, Useful Music..Young man, you're going places! Josh does something very difficult which is merge poetry, rythm and message together in an ever-morphing art form..Does that make sense?...who cares! All of this young local Atlanta's band music is a breath of fresh air. You can tell where Josh's influences come from as he moves from song to song. My personal favorite is Boxing Nostalgic. This is a GREAT live band too! Add any one of these albums to your collection.

Steve Earle & The Del Mcroury Band.... The Mountain..I would put this under bluegrass but I'd stack it against mainstream "packaged" country any day. This album will knock your socks off! Earle has an independent company called E-squared and I'll relish every album coming out of there. Train a' Comin' is another heavy hitter from Earle. Check out Bap Kennedy on the E-squared label too while you're at it.

True Blue
...Let's talk the blues and bluegrass!

Robert Johnson- King of the Delta Blues..A long time ago, they came from the cities with a new device called a sound recorder to capture the unique sound of the black delta bluesmen. Thank God they found Robert Johnson! Not many of his works were recorded before he died so this album is a real treasure! The sound is typical for that period of time but just close your eyes and take a walk on the crossroads.

Elmore James... Whose Muddy Shoes..Mr. James doesn't do as much singing as his guitar does on this album. He provides a trade off with his guitar and wails out songs of lament that will make your hair stand on end!

Muddy Waters- Folk Singer.....What can I say? When you listen to this album, you'll hear The Stones, Clapton, Jimmy Paige and Jimmy Hendrix. The blues is their mother and Muddy their father.


Doc Watson... Memories..This compilation takes you back through Doc's life. This album never ceases to leave me shaking my head saying, "How'd he do that?". Check out his appearance on The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" albums.

Norman Blake....Any album!! This Georgia boy is one of the GREATEST flatpickers of all time! If you ever get a chance to see him it! You will never regret it. Not only is his style mesmerizing, but his demeanor and wit make you feel like you're sitting on the porch with an old friend. The last show I caught of him was at Music Midtown in Atlanta, Ga. last year. He was competing against Courtney Love and Hole but I feel he won out with the music lovers, sorry Courtney! Old and in the Way....This is a PHENOMENAL bluegrass album! If you're new to bluegrass or you have never listened to much bluegrass, this is the album you need to buy. The line-up of this group is Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements, Jerry Garcia (Yes, that Jerry Garcia), David Grissom and John Kahn. You can feel the joy these boys are playing with in this album with absolutely NO label pressure!

That High Lonesome Sound..This is the first Old and in the Way album...You need both of these in your collection. Look for the review of Old and in the Way by Pat Mac soon!

Pat Mac's Authentic Music Review!Check out a TRUE music lover's picks, reviews, insight and entertaining perspective on bands and artists who's music is not well known but you'll find yourself dying to have after you read what Pat Mac has to say!


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