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Henry Turner - Check out the reviews and bios on this Atlanta musician!

Athfest 2000-Athens, GA
Hey kids! It'll be here before you know it! June 22-25 is the 4th Annual Athfest held in my hometown of Athens, Ga.. This is the PREMIER music festival for the independent musican and you won't believe the talent that's there. Click on the name and it will take you to the site. Grass Roots Entertainment will be there and we'd like to see you there!! Email us if you plan on attending, where and when you or your band is/are playing or let us know where your favorite artist will be!! Who knows, there may be an impromtu jam session that weekend!

Ghostmeat Records - This 5 year old indie record company deserves your support! There are some FANTASTIC bands coming out of here! Drive By Truckers, Jennifer Goree, Drip and Appollo's Salvage to name a few. They also release the compilation CD's for Athfest. Check 'em out!!

The Woggles Great Band with a great sound out of the area! Check out there web page and there schedule and see for yourself!!

Billy - This is a band that has captured a unique sound that we here at Grass Roots have really been excited about. Check out their sounds at and buy the albums! Billy hails from New Jersey and we're trying to get them to the south. Their music has been described as The Flying Burrito Brothers meets Squeeze and oh does it sound sweet! Look for more info on Billy soon on Grass Roots!

Peach Blossom Special - Stace England...This indie artist was instantly a Grass Roots Favorite. Peach Blossom Special is a very well put together studio album that has a sound remniscent of The Byrds-Sweetheart of the Rodeo. There's a DEEP spoken word track called Ten Dollar Whore which I found listening to a couple of times and became thoroughly engrossed with. Look for more great info on Stace from Grass Roots and click on Peach Blossom Special to give a listen and buy it from

Jill Dawson - Take a look and listen to this indie artist with a smooth voice and get some info regarding her debut album, First Time Around. The debut effort from Jill is now available and can be ordered through:
P.O. BOX 8126, BARTLETT, IL 60103

The Urban Shakedancers
One of the best live bands in the south! The Shakedancers will place you in a groove with a downright boogie and leave you screamin' for more. Anytime the original lineup gets together is a real treat. Keep your eyes peeled for lots more from the Shakedancers including reviews.

If you've never heard of Jupiter Coyote then you ain't from around here are ya? That's OK, there's no time like the present, so click on the name and check 'em out

Rotten Television - OK, you're watching an interview with a musician or actor you've always respected and during the interview you realize, "Gee, they really think they're something don't they?" Well, Johnny Rotten, former lead singer of The Sex Pistols, exposes all these folks with this brilliant site and his show on VH-1. If your career makes it, this will keep you grounded and remind you that the music is what got you there!

The Bottom Feeders- Blues has a smooth voice with this band from Oregon. Check out some tracks from their MP3's and look for more soon on Grass Roots Entertainment!

Dr. Resurrect Smooth "trance" music flows from the first release after 8 months from this indie group. Get the rave up by checking out their mixes by clicking here!

The Scarecrows- A hard driving southern rock band from the Netherlands! You read it right..These boys really know how to throw it down and you'd think they were coming out of Jacksonville, FL! Check 'em out!

Grand Orient- Awesome jam band coming out of Birmingham AL...Stylings are ecclectic and profound which differentiates them from any other jam band that's trying to sound like Widespread or the Dead. Check out their tunes by clicking on the name.Look for them soon on Grass Roots.

Voodooboo- Vibing, elegant and electric dance tones put together by this talented Atlanta producer. Order some mixes for yourself after checking him out on

The Abbeys-Great sounds, great rythm and feel of the music. Grass Roots looks forward to posting a lot more material from The Abbeys. Until then, feel free to get a listen and order some tunes from them.

THe Bottom Feeders Gooooood blues tunes laid out by this band from the Northwest. If you like the sweet, subtle moods that are supposed to jibe with the blues then this is the band for you. Grass Roots will give you a lot more from them in the short future.

Elis Eil Records Check out and support this indie label and ezine. Great info can be found here along with great bands and Grass Roots is looking forward to working with Elis Eil in spreading indie music worldwide!

The Distilled Spirits
-Take a listen to this metal band out of the great Northwest!! The guitar licks and drum beats are fast, hard and played with precision which is hard to find now-a-days since the big industry types flooded the market with grunge. These boy's are definitely worth the listen!
-Thanks to my cousin Eddie Kesler for showing me this site! You can hear any song you want to! Check it out!!

Down East Music Reviews- More reviews on up and coming independent artists. Please help promote the spread of independent music. If not nationally, then to your local musicians. Kidnap a rock star if you have to (just kidding).

-This is another great link catering to the independent musician constructed by Jeff Simonton. Take a look at some really great info provided here!!

Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar

Magazine DescriptionAcoustic Guitar is the magazine for all acoustic guitar players, from beginners to performing professionals. Through interviews, reviews, workshops, sheet music, and song transcriptions, the monthly's readers learn music from around the globe and get to know the artists who create it. With product reviews and expert advice, Acoustic Guitar also helps its readers become smarter buyers and owners of acoustic guitars and guitar gear.

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